Known Firmware Versions

Posted: May 15, 2020, Updated: May 21, 2020

This is a list of firmware updates that I’ve seen or found sources for. Have a Screenshot/Reddit Post/Tweet that shows more? Open a GitHub issue, and I’ll update the table.

ESCs and batteries can have firmware updated independently. You can use Dustin’s BLE Board Info page in the Tools menu to see what firmware you have on your board and battery from your webbrowser.


V2 Series (Dual, Dual Plus, Mini, etc)

Version Release Date Name / Official Notes Notes Source
2.7.2 / 2.7.1 / 2.7.0 Late 2019 v2.7.2 - Boosted Beams Support
- Support for Boosted Beams (see
- bug fixes
Required for Beams / Accessory Port usage. Self, Reddit
2.1.9 ~2018 Firmware v2.1.9
Board updates for use with extended range battery packs and with connectivity and bug fixes.
Required to support XR Battery. Tweet
2.1.8 Early 2018 Firmware V2.1.8 Tweet


XR Batteries

Version Release Date Name / Official Notes Notes Source
2.5.1 Late 2019 Firmware v2.5.1 for B2XR
Minor bugfixes and improvements
Changes (improves?) balancing algorithm, per a Reddit Post . Self
2.1.7 Self
2.1.5 Self
2.1.2 Self, Fixatron

SR Batteries

I’m not sure that OTA firmware updates were ever released for SR batteries, or if there were any different versions.

Version Source
1.4.1 Self