BLE V2+ Remote Test

Posted: May 12, 2020


You'll need a device with Bluetooth LE support and a browser that supports Web Bluetooth (more or less just Chrome). Put your remote in pairing mode, and the click the "Pair!" button below.

Wait for your Remote to show up, click "Connect" and wait up to ~45 seconds for it to connect. It's normal to see multiple addresses with the same name -- you can pick any of them.

If you're having issues connecting, forget the pairing from your OS, turn off the remote, turn it back on, and try re-pairing. It can be tricky to get it connect, but it will eventually work.

Let's do this!

Firmware Information

Control Information

I hope to get transmitting to the remote working (supporting LED and beeper control), but it's going to be more involved. The traffic between the board and remote is encrypted, and guessing values to write hasn't yielded much useful insight.